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Saying Goodbye to Julie

Building a space that is supportive of birth choices and encourages community is something a younger me dreamed of, and the current me is still in disbelief that it’s become a reality. Helping to create San Francisco Birth Center has been an amazing adventure. I am...

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Preparing Yourself for the Fourth Trimester

Many cultures around the world recognize a sacred period after the birth of a baby, often referred to as the 4th trimester. During this time, often around 40 days, new moms do not leave the house, or sometimes even the bed.  The mom is fed nourishing meals to prepare...

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The Art of Watchful Waiting

“The best things in life are worth waiting for, fighting for, believing in, and never letting go of.” - Unknown Having a baby involves a lot of waiting. Waiting for those two little lines to appear on that pregnancy test. Waiting to hear the sound of the heartbeat for...

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The Bump: Alternative Birth Methods Worth Considering

For expecting parents in 2018, the hospital isn’t your only delivery location option. For years women have been opting for less conventional birth methods and pain control techniques—and moving out of the hospital room. San Francisco Birth Center can provide a unique...

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Birth Work is in My Blood (literally)

Deundra C. Hundon, Doula Deundra Hundon currently works as a doula and serves on the board of Friends of the San Francisco Birth Center. She hopes to inspire all women, with an extended heart for women of color, to learn about and embrace the power that they have when...

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How to Prepare for Natural Childbirth

Photo credit Julia Lorraine Birth can be transformative. Research shows that for birthing people with the goal of natural childbirth, preparation and education greatly increases the likelihood of having a natural birth free of unnecessary intervention. While birth is...

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Nitrous Oxide is now Available at San Francisco Birth Center

Guess what?! We have some BIG news to share. Everyone take a deep breath and count to three! 1...2...3… We are bringing nitrous to our birth center! And don’t worry, it’s not for us 😉 It is only for those in labor! We want to make sure you are educated on all of the...

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Preconception Care: The Key to Growing A Health-Resilient Baby

Preconception care (PCC) aims to help women make informed and proactive choices to
optimize their health and the health of their future children. But what does that really
mean? Well, what if someone told you that you could have a positive impact on your
unborn child’s lifetime health by some of the choices you make even before you get

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SF Birth Center quotes

Such a welcoming and safe place to give birth. I loved the one on one care and also the group prenatal classes. I always felt heard and the midwives allowed me to be in charge of the birth I wanted. Birthing my baby here was such a powerful and intimate experience and I can't wait to have my second baby here.

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