Postpartum Care

Home visits for postpartum care are done two to three times in the first week, followed by office visits at two weeks and five or six weeks. Our postpartum care centers around family well-being and early transitions in the home environment. We want our new families to stay at home and enjoy the first few weeks uninterrupted. Our visits will include well baby and well mother assessment as well as extensive lactation support. 

Newborn Care

An initial newborn assessment will be completed before leaving the birth center. Newborn check-ups will also be done at each postpartum visit during the first month. These check-ups do not take the place of regular pediatric care. We will collaborate with your chosen pediatrician and will refer you with any concerns.

Lactation Support

Lactation support begins with abundant education during group prenatal visits. Midwives continue to offer lactation support immediately after birth and at every postpartum visit. We work with lactation specialists and provide referrals to trusted partners as needed.

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