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I’m Pregnant. Now what?

So you're pregnant, and you know there are things you should be doing, but you are not quite sure what they are.  I'm Nancy Myrick, a Certified Nurse Midwife here at San Francisco Birth Center, and I have some answers for you! Number one and most Important: You don’t...

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Laurel’s Birth Story

"Is he okay? Is he okay? Is he okay? Is he okay?” is the refrain you would have heard coming from me had you been in the birth room. I was absolutely terrified something would go wrong at the very end of the pregnancy, at the very beginning of his life. After so many...

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My POSITIVE Birth Story

by Aja  Hi! I'm so excited to share my birth story with you all. This was my first time giving birth and I was SOOO nervous but ended up having an incredible experience. We opted to go the birth center route to avoid interventions and in the video I share some of my...

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Our first birth 🙂

by Ilyse When we signed on to give birth at SFBC, we knew we would be one of the first births there. But we didn't think we would be the very first. Five years later, it is still one of those magical life occurrences that we couldn't possibly have planned but still...

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Hospital birth happens…

by Kelly Wong McGrath There is a common fear among parents who intend to have a birth center birth that if the birth doesn’t happen at the birth center this will be seen as a failure. This is a unique pressure faced only by those who set their intentions on an...

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Last night I saw a baby emerge, soft and wet and creamy. It only took two pushes, which seems like not that much. But I think the mama would disagree. Because of course, two pushes is only the end of the birth story. She also labored getting to that point, she had...

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National Infertility Week: IVF Q&A

In honor of National Infertility Week, we reached out to clients who have undergone fertility treatments and asked them if they'd like to share a bit about their journey. Cecilia is a recent client who shared her story as well as some tips for coping when undergoing...

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Info on COVID-19 from our Director

We are staying abreast of the local and national updates on COVID-19. As always, our highest priority is your health and safety.   As you know, the situation is evolving rather quickly, and we know that the potential impact of getting COVID-19 (not to mention the...

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Health Grooves: Speaking to Healers About Healing

In his Health Grooves podcast, Dr. Ricky Fishman is in conversation with practitioners, researchers, academics and others working at the cutting edge of health care. He recently interviewed one of our founders and midwives, Nancy Myrick CNM. Give it a listen.

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8 Secrets You Should Know About Postpartum Sex

At San Francisco Birth Center, a highlight of every week is New Parents Group. It’s a time when new parents get honest about what’s going well and what’s been challenging. A few weeks ago, the group had an enlightening conversation about postpartum sex, including lack...

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