SF Birth Center quotes

SFBC – We are so happy to have found you! Having your help as a guide through the pregnancy gave us the support we needed to be able to enjoy the pregnancy step by step. Being a part of the birth classes was a great way to stay present throughout the pregnancy, and an excellent supportive environment that allowed us to voice over our concerns and find that we were often not alone in them. The birth was amazing and beautiful. We are so glad to have been a part of the SFBC experience.


SF Birth Center quotes

You never stopped believing in us through labor. You were our pillar and we couldn’t have had our successful dream birth without your pep talks, reality checks, dance party ideas, and positive reinforcement. You led us through, and we are so thankful for everything, prenatal, postnatal, you are in our family’s heart forever. We love you. Thank you.


SF Birth Center quotes

Such a welcoming and safe place to give birth. I loved the one on one care and also the group prenatal classes. I always felt heard, and the midwives allowed me to be in charge of the birth I wanted. Birthing my baby here was such a powerful and intimate experience, and I can’t wait to have my second baby here.


SF Birth Center quotes

Best place to have a birth! The midwives and their assistants are knowledgeable, warm, attentive, kind, and awesome to work with. We had the exact birth we wanted and never once did it feel unsafe. We literally could not have had a better birth experience, and we know if we did it at a hospital we would have been induced or given an epidural or had a C-section, etc. Instead, at the birth center, we had a magical, beautiful experience! Highly highly recommended!


SF Birth Center quotes

We had our daughter with the San Francisco birth center this year. You can’t get better care in San Francisco. You have the opportunity to build relationships with each of the midwives you work with throughout your prenatal care. The group centering classes are an amazing resources. The facility is homey in the best sense. We are big fans!


SF Birth Center quotes

I cannot say enough good about this place. I had an unnerving and unpleasant first birth experience in a hospital setting, and I wanted to do something different for baby #2. My goal was to find a setting with evidence-based protocols providing patient-centered care. This place was amazing. My experience was that they were quite conservative– they would have wanted to transfer to a hospital if there was any signs of a problem, which in my eyes was a major plus. In the end my labor and birth were low risk, and I feel that my care experience surpassed all reasonable (and some unreasonable) expectations. I came home feeling empowered, happy, and healthy, and I have been healing quickly. What a different physical and psychological place to be in during such a big transition


Birth Stories

Jess & Judah

At our last prenatal group, Julie led us in sharing a hope for the person across from us and a hope for our own birth. Only in retrospect do I understand the gravity of the hope I shared for myself: to tap into a strength I didn’t know I had. For weeks I had lived in...

Vanessa & Adelina

Vanessa's Version I waited several days after my due date for active labor to start spontaneously. It felt like purgatory. I knew I was on the edge of a cliff waiting to cross over but I felt stuck; unable to fully enjoy the final days of just the two of us and...

Jill & River

Birth of River September 10, 2017 When I became pregnant with my third child, River, I was over the moon.  I had just turned 40 and was hoping to have a third baby before it was too late.  When I found out I would be the mother of three boys, I was at first...

Zita & Nahla

My birthing story with Nahla We had just moved to SF, when we found out I was pregnant again. My first thought,  knowing the reputation of the US of being very prone to medical interventions, was ‘oh no, now I do have to deliver in a hospital!’ My first daughter Seva...

Stephanie & Josephine

A San Francisco Birth Center Birth at St. Luke's HospitalBefore meeting Josephine, I knew she was going to be great. She had given me a very easy ride during the pregnancy, with no complaints besides a little fatigue first trimester.  The hardest part for me was the...

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San Francisco Birth Center

Beautiful video encompassing the history and future of powerful black midwives in the US. All midwives, and the families they support, are indebted to the fortitude and knowledge that these midwives carried forward to new generations.

Infinite Possibilities of a Black Woman
Thanks for viewing our video, when you have a moment Sista Midwife Productions has an amazing list of Black midwives and doulas across the USA. Take a moment to visit their website: sistamidwife.com

#SlayingMyths #BoobCode #ChocolateMilkMatters
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Come find us at the Birth and Baby Fair!

Come for the give aways and free workshops. Nancy will be talking about Birth Options in SF. There's also workshops on creating a birth plan, breastfeeding, baby sign language and potty training.

Mark your calendar for Sunday, November 11! Make sure to say hello! We have discounted tickets at SFBC.

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SF Birth Center quotes

Such a welcoming and safe place to give birth. I loved the one on one care and also the group prenatal classes. I always felt heard and the midwives allowed me to be in charge of the birth I wanted. Birthing my baby here was such a powerful and intimate experience and I can't wait to have my second baby here.

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