Birth Stories

Beautiful stories of birth with the midwives of SF Birth Center. Find out what a birth with SF Birth Center can look like.

Laurel’s Birth Story

"Is he okay? Is he okay? Is he okay? Is he okay?” is the refrain you would have heard coming from me had you been in the birth room. I was absolutely terrified something would go wrong at the very end of the pregnancy, at the very beginning of his life. After so many...

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My POSITIVE Birth Story

by Aja  Hi! I'm so excited to share my birth story with you all. This was my first time giving birth and I was SOOO nervous but ended up having an incredible experience. We opted to go the birth center route to avoid interventions and in the video I share some of my...

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Jess & Judah

At our last prenatal group, Julie led us in sharing a hope for the person across from us and a hope for our own birth. Only in retrospect do I understand the gravity of the hope I shared for myself: to tap into a strength I didn’t know I had. For weeks I had lived in...

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Vanessa & Adelina

Vanessa's Version I waited several days after my due date for active labor to start spontaneously. It felt like purgatory. I knew I was on the edge of a cliff waiting to cross over but I felt stuck; unable to fully enjoy the final days of just the two of us and...

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Jill & River

Birth of River September 10, 2017 When I became pregnant with my third child, River, I was over the moon.  I had just turned 40 and was hoping to have a third baby before it was too late.  When I found out I would be the mother of three boys, I was at first...

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Zita & Nahla

My birthing story with Nahla We had just moved to SF, when we found out I was pregnant again. My first thought,  knowing the reputation of the US of being very prone to medical interventions, was ‘oh no, now I do have to deliver in a hospital!’ My first daughter...

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Stephanie & Josephine

A San Francisco Birth Center Birth at St. Luke's Hospital Before meeting Josephine, I knew she was going to be great. She had given me a very easy ride during the pregnancy, with no complaints besides a little fatigue first trimester.  The hardest part for me was...

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Valentina & Filippo

They told me they were all there for me. And their support really made me feel stronger and open and soft and that it was time for me to have this baby.
I was recognizing a lot of sensations from my first birth so I knew exactly he was about to come out and that he was coming fast. 

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River and Saffron

I looked at my baby, who was chubby and PINK, and the umbilical cord was THICK, pale and rubbery. Baby started crying immediately, and man, I couldn’t believe the resilience of everyone, including myself. 

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Zil & Luna

I was not the best pregnant person. Frankly, I was miserable most of the time, swollen, achy, and I wasn’t getting much sleep, but I persisted in “doing all the things” so that I could take care of myself and the little being growing within. I meditated and listened to hypnobirthing rehearsals to help me get ready for labor

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