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Placentas: The most local medicine

Placenta encapsulation is the simplest, safest and most natural way to aid in postpartum wellness. The placenta is full of essential feel-good hormones and iron, which can be gradually welcomed back into your body postpartum through placenta pills.

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Umbilical Cords connect us.

It is just a cord, a little piece of flesh, often thrown away after it has served its purpose of connecting the baby to the nourishing body of the mother. But its roots are strong, and its connection point on the baby, the whole in each and every belly, remains with us the rest of our lives, reminding us of the connection that once was there.

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Happy Mother’s Day!

One of the things I love most about the birth center is witnessing the transformation from Excited & Expecting into Mother. Becoming a mother takes many months of preparation, uncomfortable growing pains as organs actually move out of the way to make space for the...

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Heart Shaped Womb

Heart Shaped WombWe’ve got a toy at SF Birth Center that gets a lot of loving from the kiddos during prenatal visits. It looks like a heart with arms,. As a big sister- or brother-to-be starts to play with it, we watch as their mother first furrows her brow and then...

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Post Partum Care: Part Two

Deep Rest

After giving birth, plan to spend most of your day in bed or on the couch for the better part of two weeks. This beautiful window is a fleeting time to bond with your new baby–simply watch, be present and get to know his or her signals. You will downshift into the slow, unfolding world of your newborn. 

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SF Birth Center: Where strong women give birth

We hesitate to bring politics into birth, but those of us who have been around birth for a long time, those of us who work with women, those of us who have watched women suffer under systemic misogyny KNOW that birth has always been political. Choosing to give birth at the birth center is both an act of embracing the power of birth and rejecting the cultural norm of institutionalized birth.  

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Lucky Number Thirteen

We had a busy weekend at SF Birth Center. “Labor” Day Weekend was no joke for the three SF Birth Center mamas as they labored and birthed.

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Born into this world with black skin.

As midwives, we are blessed to welcome little lives into this world. To touch the head, to cradle the body, to place the wet, squirming newly born being onto the waiting belly of the mother. The honor and joy in this role is profound. The hopes for this new life at...

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SF Birth Center quotes

Such a welcoming and safe place to give birth. I loved the one on one care and also the group prenatal classes. I always felt heard and the midwives allowed me to be in charge of the birth I wanted. Birthing my baby here was such a powerful and intimate experience and I can't wait to have my second baby here.

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