Preparing for the Postpartum and Infant CPR

Ease the transition into parenting by learning what to expect and how to prepare for the first few months of being new parents. This interactive and fun class brings together evidence, experience and trust to provide a well rounded and complete education for parents-to-be navigating the postpartum period and beyond. The four part workshop begins with an interactive discussion around postpartum healing, body changes and tips on alleviating the physical changes of the first month postpartum. After this, we engage in a conversation around postpartum mood, relationships and support systems.  We then move into a hands-on training focused on infant CPR and first aid. The day ends with tips and tricks for caring for your newborn, including soothing your baby, reading infant cues, normal newborn appearance, danger signs to look out for, diapering and much more. The day flies by many parents tell us that they felt like they had been let in on the secrets that are the postpartum period. You will leave this day feeling more prepared, confident and ready to start your parenting journey.

This class is offered by The KAZ Project in person at SF Birth Center as a one day workshop. Sign up here: https://www.thekazproject.com/shop


Price: $333  (Price includes 2 people, so bring yourself and whoever is staying up with you at night.) Sliding scale available.

Topics Covered:

  • Postpartum Recovery: Healing, essential supplies and danger signs to look out for
  • Relationships: Whoever is on your team, learn to strengthen your partnerships for life after baby
  • Postpartum Mood: Normal transitions, coping and when to reach out for help
  • Support Systems: How to create a plan now to support you in the upcoming months
  • Infant CPR and First Aid: Life saving tools taught by an expert instructor
  • Newborns Look Weird: What is normal and what is not
  • Infant Cues and Normal Behavior: How to get to know your baby and what is normal
  • Newborn Care: Diapers, swaddles, nail cutting and more
  • Practical Advice: Tips from parents that helped them get through their first few months


The KAZ Project seeks to reduce the isolation and singular focus that comes with parenting by supporting parents through education, resources and community. We work with families before, during and after the postpartum to empower, educate and uplift. SFBC clients get 15% off.


Aug 21 2022


9:00 am - 4:00 pm



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San Francisco Birth Center
2300 Sutter Street, Suite 301, San Francisco, CA, United States


The KAZ Project
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