Childbirth Prep Intensive

SF Birth Center’s specific childbirth preparation class from Natural Resources is back!

Please note: This workshop is for clients of San Francisco Birth Center. This class is recommended for both first and second time parents.

We strongly recommend that you complete your prenatal education no later than your 36th week of pregnancy. Completing this course between weeks 28-32 will allow you time to comfortably integrate the content into your birth preparation and further explore topics that spark your interest.

The goal of this one day intensive is to build your tool box for birth, so that you can continually use your breath, labor positions, positive affirmations, and support from your birth team as a way to soften and open your body for birth. Additionally, we will focus on how to make space for your baby both emotionally and physically. We will look into variations of normal and potential complications, how they are handled at SFBC and what might be reasons to transport to the hospital.

Throughout class we will build upon information and experiential learning. I bring my background in the science of pregnancy, birth and postpartum to teach you skills and provide you with a solid education that will leave you feeling excited to experience birth!

We spend the majority of class doing hands-on exercises including labor positions, comfort measures and breathing techniques all within the birth center. During this class we will spend time looking at our perceptions of discomfort and practice relaxation and breath awareness as coping mechanisms to face it. Partners will also practice massage techniques and supported postures.

Please Note:

-A partner or support person is included in the registration rate.
-This class is intended for pregnant people. If you are not pregnant or you are interested in attending as a professional please contact classes@naturalresources-sf.com for more information.


Nov 18 2023



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