For expecting parents in 2018, the hospital isn’t your only delivery location option. For years women have been opting for less conventional birth methods and pain control techniques—and moving out of the hospital room. San Francisco Birth Center can provide a unique birth experience for low-risk moms-to-be who are looking for a natural birth experience.

When you walk into San Francisco Birth Center, you’ll be greeted with amenities that remind you of the comforts of home. You’ll also notice some objects you might not have at your home—like a birthing tub, birthing balls and a selection of aromatherapeutic oils. The goal of San Francisco Birth Center is to help you feel relaxed throughout labor and delivery while providing you with a number of tools that can help make giving birth easier.

Recently one of our SF Birth Center midwives, Julie Birdsong, was interviewed for an article about alternative birth methods for TheBump.com. When she was asked about the practices at San Francisco Birth Center, Julie said:

“In a hospital, the first thing you see is the bed, and you’re expected to get into it and that’s where you stay for the delivery. But we’ve made our rooms an active space where you can get into different positions throughout labor and the delivery, depending on what works for you,”

Many women opt for a birth center not only because they want to have a more natural birth, but also because they’re looking for an intimate experience. “Compared with many hospitals, we get to spend a lot more time with clients,” Birdsong says. “Women like being able to get to know the person who will be attending their birth.”

To learn more about your options for an out-of-hospital birth, you can view the article here. To learn more about San Francisco Birth Center please sign up for one of our free information sessions here.