And 14! And 15!

We had a busy weekend at SF Birth Center. “Labor” Day Weekend was no joke for the three SF Birth Center mamas as they labored and birthed.

It is exciting to be “in the groove” of catching babies. Each birth is so special, but we are also beginning to feel the rhythm, to feel the wax and wane of the energy of birth coming in and out.  Women walk in the center, typically in the dark of night, the surges of labor flowing through them. They are deep in the intensity of the moment when they come in through our doors.

Then, as if by magic, they emerge as parents the next day cradling their newborn baby, staring with joy, and maybe a bit of shock, at the sweet squishy little face that stares back at them.  

(We sometimes see this miracle through the eyes of Gil, our parking attendant, who is nearly as shocked and excited as the parents!)

The next months promise many more births, many more babies, as we continue to dance to the rhythm of emerging life.