As midwives, we are blessed to welcome little lives into this world. To touch the head, to cradle the body, to place the wet, squirming newly born being onto the waiting belly of the mother. The honor and joy in this role is profound. The hopes for this new life at its onset, by parents and grandparents, aunties, uncles, brothers and sister – and midwives, it is huge!

Bringing new life into this world is an act of faith that our world and our babies will be good for each other.
Over the next few months, we are honored to be welcoming several babies with dark skin into this world. 

Today, the news leads us to a deeper sadness and fear for them and the way the color of their skin will impact the way they live. 

As midwives, our greatest hope is that every baby born into our hands will live long, healthy, happy, safe lives. Yet, we live in a culture where the color of your skin, mostly black skin, increases your risk of being mistreated, no, lets be honest, your risk of being killed by the authorities. 

The issues are complex, but the reality of violence toward blacks is not.  Each of these young men were once growing inside their mother’s wombs, emerged into someone‚Äôs hands with hope and joy. Yet, their lives were cut short and we are left hopeless and without joy.

So, we mourn, and strive to find joy again. And then we look forward to helping make a world into a place that is good enough and safe enough for these beautiful, wonderful,exceptional babies.  

Black lives matter to us, from the start and forever.