Construction done: CHECK

Grand Opening: CHECK

Cupboards stocked: CHECK

And the waiting begins…

We now have THREE mamas in their birth month and we are SO excited to welcome our first baby to the birth center!

However, while we are waiting, we are keeping busy. We have enrolled our first THIRTY clients. (June, July and November are full. Wow!) It is so much fun getting to know these families, making connections and plans, guiding them through the many decisions they are faced with, and helping them envision their birth and life after with a new baby.

Group Prenatal Care is well underway as well.  Our families due in June only have one group left. We had our first meeting with the July folks. And the August and September families start group this coming week.  

The group prenatals are everything we hoped! We love watching the families connect and learn from each other. The first time parents are preparing for the big changes that are coming their way. The experienced parents are helping the newbies think about what they need after the birth. Everyone is chatting and comparing notes.  What fun!

At the close of each group we stop talking and start moving: stretches, poses, positions for birth. Then we even stop moving and turn inward to connect with our selves and the baby’s inside.  

The community, the mind, the body, the heart. 

That’s what we are talking about!