Who better to be the firsts guests at the birth center than the hardest working folks in the birth world, THE DOULAS! On Thursday evening we welcomed nearly 50 doulas to be the first eyes on the center. And we think they liked it…

San Francisco has such an amazing community of doulas. In case you don’t know, research shows that women who have a doula have a significantly higher chance of having a spontaneous vaginal birth and are less likely to need any pain medication, epidurals, vacuum or forceps, and are less likely to have negative feelings about childbirth. Plus those same women on average have shorter labors and their babies have higher apgar scores!

We love doulas! 

Because we would like all of our clients to be able to access doula care, we are actually offering a $500 discount to our clients who hire a professional doula for their birth. 

Don’t forget, our Grand Opening is May 7th from noon to 9. Hope you can make it! And you never know, maybe you will find a doula in one of our birth tubs.