We are sitting in the midwives’ office at San Francisco Birth Center, and loving it! Construction continues around us and we are certainly not ready for primetime, but just being here makes us so happy.

And that is not even the best thing. We have been holding information sessions for potential clients for the last few weeks and are starting to feel the enthusiasm of the families that are considering giving birth at our center. They have the best questions, and watching them get excited as they see our vision for the birth center- doubles our excitement!

But, that is not the best thing either. The best thing is that we have folks signing up to give birth with us! We had a full day of prenatal visits this week and more in the weeks to come. June is full and we have other clients with due dates as far out as November.

As we sit with our new clients and get to know them, and they get to know us, we see OUR vision, and all of the thousands of little decisions we have been making over that last two years to achieve that vision, becoming THEIR reality.

And that is the best thing ever.