Until we have births at SFBC, we thought we’d share stories from former clients we’ve worked with prior to SFBC. Thanks to Kim for sharing this story of her home-birth with Nancy Myrick, CNM.

There was no guesswork necessary when my labor began; each contraction had a decisive climb that literally had me on my knees. My body rocked with a force that I had never known, and that I tried very hard to embrace and welcome. I absolutely did not want to be alone in this vulnerable time and I am deeply grateful for the presence of the midwives, Nancy, Eva and Hanna.

The midwives’ constant and gentle prompts to breathe deeply and slowly helped me find a rhythm. My eyes were closed throughout most of my labor, allowing me to focus. But a few images have stayed with me: Nancy carefully listening to the baby’s heartbeat; Nancy guiding me as I slowly walked to and from the tub; and Nancy’s smile acknowledging that, yes, birth is hard work and every grunt, groan and curse word that came from me was entirely appropriate.

And now I am somebody’s mother.

Reflecting on the birth of my daughter, I am overwhelmed by the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges that presented and resolved. I am also overwhelmed by the power of companionship from the midwives that guarded and guided the process, including the prenatal and (most importantly) postpartum. Our healthy transition and current well-being is the best testament to the excellent, personalized care that our midwives so skillfully provided.