We’d love to tell you!  But, it is complicated.

The short answer is that after some setbacks on Tuesday  (that would not have been nearly as nice of a photo) we realized that we have a huge community looking out for us,  truly committed to making SF Birth Center happen!

For those of you with a few minutes on your hands, here is the longer version:

It was a discouraging Fall. A location we had been negotiating on for months just wasn’t moving forward.  There were great elements to it, but big challenges as well, not the least of which was a landlord who didn’t seem enthusiastic about renting it. But options are limited in the “current real estate climate” so we kept plugging away, and plugging away, and plugging away.  But, like so many relationships, there comes a time when you realize that the other guy just isn’t as committed as you are. So, we went on our favorite dating site (Loopnet) and found something awesome around the corner!  We have found a beautiful site, with windows, views and plenty of space. We don’t quite have the lease signed, and history has taught us to be cautious, but if all of you reading this simultaneously cross your fingers, fold your hands, and say a prayer to the good and great goddesses of birth and real estate, it just might happen!

That was last week. So this week…

As you may know, California still requires that Certified Nurse-Midwives have a “supervising physician”.  Our dear friends and colleagues who are Licensed Midwives were able to get this requirement removed from their law several years ago, last year’s legislative attempts to make similar changes to the CNM law did not pass. We are trying again this year, so stay posted.

We had been in conversation with a lovely and supportive doctor for the last year or so who is enthusiastic about serving this role for SF Birth Center. But Tuesday morning we got word that the institution she works for would not approve this relationship.  Without a “supervising physician” we can not practice.  Tuesday was a sad day, and thankfully no photos were taken.

Tuesday, after fully caffeinating we sent about 9,562 emails, and made 13,634 phone calls (ok, slight exaggeration). The outpouring of support and love and action on behalf of SF Birth Center was…humbling. And oh so much more! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to all of you who answered our calls and emails, made calls and sent emails on our behalf, connected us to others, set up last minute meetings, made suggestions and, if nothing else, were just so incredibly loving and supportive.

We now have several very strong possibilities that we are pursuing. And more than that, we have the ear of many folks in the birth world who are excited about our project and looking for other ways to work with and support us.

Faced with loss and what felt like defeat, we felt the universe open up and show us how many options and how much support we really have.

And that was when the dance party began.

We are feeling the hope of the lights of the Hanukkah candles, and are looking forward to celebrating the most famous out-of-hospital birth of all time come December 25th.

Our hearts are exploding with love, joy and thanks.

Julie Birdsong, Sara Van Acker and Nancy Myrick