Well, the big news we were hoping to post last month has not come to fruition.  False alarm. Our hopes for a site for the birth center have been dashed again. Darn this SF boom! What a struggle it is to find San Francisco Birth Center!

But we are not daunted! No, we are not!

Following our gestating metaphor, it was a bit of false labor, but we know that every bout of contractions offers lessons and ripening and just a little bit of wisdom, and one day we will hit that tipping point, labor will begin, and SF Birth Center will be born!

And we have not been idle.  There is so much to learn and do in preparing for the big opening once we have a location. Just to give you an idea of what we are working on:

In the last month we have toured 6 different potential locations, and two are VERY promising!  We emailed with lawyers, real estate agents, accountants, architects, took a visit to the Department of Building Inspections, met with some lovely and helpful folks at the Office of Small Business Development and are currently looking for an acoustical engineer. 

We are also talking to a some smart people who know a lot more about raising and managing money than we do! (We can catch babies like nobodies business, but spreadsheets? Yikes!) We are looking more closely at the two spaces that seem promising and envisioning what SF Birth Center could look like in them.  We are writing our policies and procedures, thinking about our informed consents, and planning our marketing launch.

And sometimes, just because we LOVE it, we actually talk about birth and pregnant mamas and their families.

That’s the update. We will keep you posted when we have more news to tell.

Nancy, Julie and Sara

Some fine examples of spaces we’ve recently toured. Indoor shingles? Those will need to go!